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The beginning of your story

Part of the EUSL SCC | Care to Change the World

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EUSL Love, like other parts of the European Social Label, works to reduce exclusion in society. Exclusion can be defined in several ways and applied to almost anyone. One of the European Social Labels' main target groups is small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, especially the smallest ones. Few work more and at the same time risk giving up other things. It is a bit jokingly said that self-employed people are the only ones who work around the clock, Monday to Sunday, to avoid working 8-17 Monday to Friday. 

EUSL Love wants to take the same network that the European Social Label is based on and match us with each other and the outside world. Everyone is of course welcome, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or not, but the foundation is based on the platforms that already exist before.

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A political agenda

Traveling through Iceland, one of the most harsh yet beautiful island countries struck me like ice through the heart. Southeast Asia got my heart pumping. Though it's long been on the travelers' trail, it does not take too much to get off the beaten track - whether it's to discover that perfect beach or to delve into the lush surrounds of the rainforest. Overlooking the city of Battambang in Cambodia with my DSLR at the ready, I became entranced with a million different stories I could imagine, etched on each person's face.

Sunset in Paradise

It did not have to be that perfect beach or the humid rainforest to make me realize. It was that moment of pause - to think about my passion and to realize that there would be a way to reach it after all. Anyone could do it. Why not me? My paradise is the pursuit.

Looking To The Future

I've met some amazing clients who have become almost family to me. The numerous travels and projects abroad have not diminished my love for the unknown, but only heightened it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I just lucked out with being able to take mine early on in life. And I want to help you with yours. Let me help you start that journey… from one single step to a thousand. Here's to you.

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